Over the years automobile industry in India has followed many trends. At times, it is the power that the customers are after or sometimes, all people want are many features. Well, now nowadays, the trend is of having a sunroof. But apart from all the changing trends, there is one trend that never gets old, Kitna deti hai? Yes, that is mileage. Here in our country, more than 60% of people buy cars that are high on mileage.

That said, high mileage is possible when the vehicle has a purpose-built engine. So, today we’ll be after 10 such engines in India that are frugal and fuel-efficient.

  1. Maruti Suzuki 1.2-litre K12N Engine (23.76kmpl – 24.12kmpl)

    New Maruti Suzuk Swift DualJet Engine
    New Maruti Suzuk Swift DualJet Engine

    Starting with India’s most fuel-efficient petrol engine, which is the non-other than Maruti Suzuki K12N motor. This engine does duties in various cars from Maruti like Dzire and the new 2021 Swift to name a few.

    This engine coupled with an electric motor is capable of pushing out mileage upwards of 23kmpl. Also, this motor generates 90hp of max power and about 113Nm of peak torque.

  2. Maruti Suzuki 0.8L F8D Engine (22Kmpl – 31.59km/kg)

    Alto 800

    Dropping down the engine capacity not always increase the fuel mileage. The same is the case with the 800cc engine from Maruti Suzuki. This motor does duties in entry-level hatchbacks like Alto. Considering the size of the hatch, it seems a little underpowered on paper but more than does the job in real life.

    That said, this 800cc 3 cylinder engine generates max power of 47hp and a peak torque of 59Nm. Considering all the variables, this engine gives a mileage of about 22kmpl with petrol and 31.59km/kg with CNG.

  3. Renault 800cc BR08DE Engine (21kmpl – 22kmpl)

    2020 Renault Kwid Engine
    2020 Renault Kwid 800cc Engine

    Moving on, the next company that offers an 800cc engine is Renault. The French carmaker offers this engine with the Renault Kwid. Also, the motor is among the most powerful 800cc engine in its segment.

    Speaking of which, this engine is capable of generating, 56hp of max power and 72Nm maximum torque. This motor coupled with a 5-speed MT provides a mileage of about 25kmpl. It is only the Kwid that offers this engine.

  4. Renault 1.0-litre BR10DE Engine (22kmpl – 23kmpl)

    Renault Kwid Engine
    Renault Kwid 1.0 litre Engine

    We are delighted to inform you that Renault makes slightly more powerful and a little more efficient engines when compared to its rivals. In addition to that, the cars from Renault are reliable and if taken care the right way, they will last really long.

    This also includes the 1.0-litre engine that generates 67hp of maximum power and 91Nm of peak torque. That said, because of a well-engineered motor, it is capable of delivering mileage upwards of 22kmpl. If you are not aware, Renault Kwid, Triber and Kiger come with this engine.

  5. Maruti Suzuki 1.0-litre K10A Engine (21kmpl – 22kmpl)

    WagonR Engine
    WagonR Engine

    The other carmaker that provides a 1.0-litre naturally aspirated engine in its cars is Maruti Suzuki. Speaking of which, this 1.0-litre engine is a part of the WagonR’s and Celerio’s brochure. When compared to its rival’s 1 Litre engine, this one isn’t that powerful also it is a little low on efficiency.

    But this in no terms means that this is a bad engine. Considering the numbers this motor delivers a mileage of about 21-22kmpl. Additionally, this engine is capable of generating 67hp of peak power and 90Nm of maximum torque. Also, this engine is reliable.

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  6. Tata 1.2-Litre Revotron Engine (20kmpl – 24kmpl)

    Tata Tiago Revotron Petrol Engine
    Tata Tiago Revotron Petrol Engine

    We can witness this naturally aspirated 1.2-litre petrol engine in a few cars from Tata, Tiago and Altroz to name a few. When we compare this motor from its rivals, it is similar when considering power figures but is a little high on efficiency. But there is a big but, being a 3 cylinder engine, the NVH (Noise, Vibration, Harshness) levels are a lot higher.

    Guess, we have to compromise on one aspect or the other. Now, let’s talk numbers. This 1.2-litre 3 cylinder engine produces 84hp of peak power and 113Nm of maximum torque. Also, the mileage ranges from 20-24kmpl with the maximum coming from Tiago with AMT gearbox.

  7. Maruti Suzuki 1.2-Litre K12M petrol Engine (20kmpl – 21kmpl)

    Maruti Suzuki WagonR vs Ignis
    Maruti Suzuki WagonR vs Ignis

    Moving back to India’s favourite car manufacturer Maruti Suzuki. Well, Maruti has a maximum number of frugal engine in India. After all, this is what they are known for. The next engine on the list is the 1.2-litre naturally aspirated engine. This one is similar to the K12N but has some tweaks.

    Maruti Suzuki Ignis uses this engine, also the 2020 Swift came with this engine until now. This engine is a little low on power than its counterpart. This petrol engine produces 82hp of max power and 113Nm of peak torque. Also, this offers a mileage of about 20-21kmpl, depending on how you drive.

  8. Maruti Suzuki 1.5-litre K15B Engine (20kmpl – 21kmpl)

    Maruti Suzuki Ciaz
    Maruti Suzuki Ciaz

    We have another engine from Maruti Suzuki but this time around it is a big and a little more powerful engine. This is the motor that the company introduced with BS6 cars. The engine is a 1.5-litre naturally aspirated engine that delivers 105hp of max power and about 138Nm of maximum torque.

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    These numbers make the engine a little fun to drive, as the torque is a little on the higher side. Despite being powerful this engine is capable of returning a mileage of about 20-21kmpl. But for that, you have to drive responsibly.

  9. Nissan 1.0-litre Turbo Petrol HRA0DET Engine (19kmpl – 20kmpl)

    Nissan Magnite 1.0-litre Turbo-Petrol Engine
    Nissan Magnite 1.0-litre Turbo-Petrol Engine

    With the starting of the new decade i.e 2020, the focus is slowly shifting to turbo petrol engines. Hence as of now, the most fuel-efficient turbo petrol engine in the country as of now. At least this is what the ARAI values say. The engine from Nissan made its debut with the new Magnite which was launched last year.

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    As of now, the car and engine motor both are getting a really positive response. That said, the motor generated 100hp of max power about 160Nm of peak torque. The SUV when driven carefully can easily reciprocate mileage of about 19-20kmpl.

  10. Hyundai 1.0 TGDI Turbo Petrol Engine (19kmpl – 20kmpl)

    Hyundai i20's Turbo GDi Petrol
    Hyundai i20’s Turbo GDi Petrol

    Coming in this position is the new engine from Koreans. It is a 1.0-litre turbo petrol engine that generated a peak power of about 118hp and maximum torque of 172Nm. Also, there are many cars in the Hyundai and Kia portfolio that use this engine. To name a few, new i20, Grand i10 Nios (in a different state of tune though), Venue, Kia Sonet and more come with this motor.

    Additionally, this is about the most refined 3 cylinder engine in the market you can buy right now. Considering the power figures, this engine is frugal yet powerful. The 1.0-litre TGDI returns a mileage of about 19-20kmpl. Well, of course, it depends on which vehicle this engine is used.

PS. The mileage numbers mentioned in the article are sourced from ARAI. And these fuel efficiency numbers are possible if you drive respectfully. Additionally, there are more engines that may be more efficient. But for now, these are the 6 most fuel-efficient petrol engines around the block.

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let us know how much mileage your car returns in the comment section below.

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  1. Engine efficiency and milage are two different topics.
    Try to fit Tata Nexon’s Revetron in small car, you will get more milage.

    Efficiency means how much quantity of petrol is consumed by engine to produce same power.

    Milage is when engine mounted on different cars having different body weights, aerodynamics, suspensions, center of gravity and so on.

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