The Volkswagen group is planning to increase the differentiation among Volkswagen, Skoda and Seat. With pushing Seat upmarket and focussing Skoda on more challenging lower-priced rivals like Hyundai, KIA and Morris Garages. The Volkswagen group is also eyeing to launch some of it’s Europe based brands in India to upgrade its overall multi-brand sales.

Festive Offers To Light Up New Car Sales In India | 2019

  • In a recent interview, VW’s product strategy chief Michael Jost said that we want to manage our identity more clearly in the nearing future.
  • Adding further Jost said that VW owned Seat could represent more emotional cars and Skoda could serve eastern Europe more intensively as to serve the customer functionality even more intensively.
  • This in simple words could mean a rise in pricing for Seat models compared to other Volkswagen owned brands.
  • It also indicates that Seat could become a rival to Fiat’s Chrysler Automobiles, a long lost desire of former VW chairman Ferdinand Piech.
  • Volkswagen is currently focusing on previously neglected markets, especially eastern Europe where its active rivals Hyundai, KIA and Dacia have pushed Volkswagen’s market share.
  • According to leading sources, Volkswagen core team is planning to make major changes in its marquee strategies to make sure it’s line-up does not clash with other brands.
  • Furthermore, Michael Jost comments, “We are taking a very clear take at all possible overlaps in the product portfolio for all the undertaken brands.”


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