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Mahindra XUV900, Desi GLE Coupe In Making

It’s not news that Mahindra has been working on a slew of SUVs for India. Not only that Mahindra has been testing the soon to launch Scorpio and the XUV700 for a long time now. Recently Mahindra had also applied for a number of trademarks which clearly hinted that the homegrown brand was planning something big! Amongst the trademarked names was the XUV900.

and now reports have poured in that Mahinda has approved the XUV900 project, Internally codenamed W620. The new XUV900 is also speculated to be the production version of the Mahindra Aero concept showcased at the 2015 Auto Expo.

Mahindra Aero Concept
Mahindra Aero Concept

The Mahindra Aero or should we say, the Mahindra XUV900 resembles the like of the BMW X6 and the Mercedes Benz GLÉ Coupe. It was also reported that Tata’s former Head of Design, Pratap Bose was planning on joining hands with Mahindra as its Global Design Head. It seems like Mr Bose has already started working!

Rumour also has it that Mahindra will be aiming to produce around 2,000 units of the Coupe SUV, which could cost around Rs 20 lakh.

It is very likely that Mahindra will be re-introducing the Aero in the form of the four-door XUV900. So without wasting any more time let’s see what all we about the Aero concept as of now?

What will power the new Mahindra XUV900?

  • Going by leading media reports it will borrow the 2.0-litre petrol and 2.2-litre diesel engines from the soon to launch XUV700.
  • Both the engines will come mated to a six-speed manual and six-speed torque converter automatic transmissions.
  • It is also very likely to be offered with an optional AWD.

What about features?

Aero | Side Profile
Aero | Side Profile
  • Is it just me or the front facia of the Mahindra Aero resembles the current-gen XUV500.
  • Not only does it borrows the mechanical aspect but it will also borrow other features like front fenders, bonnet, front doors etc from the XUV700.
  • While the interior will somehow resemble the Aero concept showcased at the 2016 Auto Expo.

India Launch?

  • Looking at the current situation, It is difficult to say that whether Mahindra should pay any heed upon launching the desi coupé in India.
  • However, if it does, we can expect to see the Mahindra XUV900 somewhere around 2024.
  • Additionally, The XUV900 will be designed and conceptualised at Mahindra’s M.D.E.S (Mahindra Automotive Design Europe Studio) in the UK.

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