Have you ever wondered why hatchbacks are a common sight in the city? In metropolitan India, these mini-cars are all over the place. And for all good reasons.

Let us look at 10 reasons why a hatchback is a sensible choice for the townsfolk.

  1. Hatchbacks have the perfect ground clearance

    Ground clearance is the distance between the lowest part of the vehicle and the flat surface of the ground. In the pothole-filled urban roads of India, ground clearance determines whether the car is going to make it or break it (well, literally).

    Hatchbacks have more ground clearance or ride height than a sedan. Because of this, the undercarriage of a hatchback dodges most of these not so metaphorical bumps in the road. Since hatchbacks do not have too much ride height like an SUV they are shorter and more stable.

    Chevrolet Beat 2010
    Chevrolet Beat 2010

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  2. The perfect dimensions

    Hyundai Grand i10
    Hyundai Grand i10

    Hatchbacks are the Goldilocks zone for car height. It is neither too tall nor too short. But you get a lot of headroom with this height. Since hatchbacks are not too lanky they have a firm footing on a straight road. Besides, it has a smaller frame. So, unlike with an SUV, you won’t experience body roll when you are making a turn.

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  3. Its MADE for the city

    Maruti Suzuki Baleno
    Maruti Suzuki Baleno: The companion in your commute

    With the Covid-19 pandemic, the people who relied on public transport to get to work are rethinking their options. Even those of us who put sustainability first are buying cars to commute to work every day. At this point, there is no denying that hatchbacks are the perfect car for work. Since they are small they have more fuel efficiency. So if you are commuting in a hatchback, you won’t have to feel like you are wasting petrol for nothing.

  4. Choc-a-block traffic? No problem!

    Infamous Bangalore traffic
    Bangalore traffic

    In the city, hatchbacks can make your commute less miserable. Hatchbacks are compact. They have a better chance of making it through the rush hour traffic, than a bigger vehicle. You’ll reach your destination faster without a lot of hold-ups. As they are small cars, they won’t need a lot of room to park too. They also offer better visibility to the driver. You can even get parallel parking down cold.

    Parking in crowded place
    Parking in crowded place becomes possible with a hatch
  5. Hatchbacks are great if you are a beginner

    10 Reasons why the Maruti Alto will have a special in India
    Maruti Alto

    When you are learning to drive it is hard to take in distances if the bonnet is not visible. But in a hatchback, you see where the bonnet ends. And because of this, it is the best car to take your driving lessons. In India, from coast to coast and across the country Maruti Alto is the driving schools’ choice of car. Even though this model of Alto is no longer in production, the practicality of this hatch makes it the best car to take your baby step in learning to navigate the bustling city lanes.

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  6. Interiors are as big as a sedan (well almost!)

    The interior of Ford Focus
    The interior of the upcoming Ford Focus hatchback

    The smaller exterior makes a hatchback, the perfect car for the city. However, they have almost the same interior dimensions as a sedan. The added width of the hatchback means people can sit more comfortably in it. A five-door hatchback can easily accommodate a family of four.

  7. The boot can hold a lot of cargo

    Compared to a sedan, hatchbacks can haul more stuff in their trunk. No matter what shape or size the cargo is, many hatchbacks can easily fit them all in their boot. Besides, hatchbacks are flexible. In many hatches, you can fold down the rear seats in case you have plenty of luggage. When you are moving or if you have a lot of things to carry around this is the best car for the job.

  8. Hatchbacks come with awesome features

    Infotainment System at the Tata Tiago
    Infotainment System in the Tata Tiago

    The best hatchbacks like Volkswagen Polo or Tata Tiago comes loaded with a lot of attributes. Along with safety features like cruise control, CSC, rear parking sensors, and over-speed alert, many of these hatchbacks have other cool features like android connectivity, touchscreen infotainment system, and automatic air conditioning. Good safety features can lead to fewer motor accidents on the urban road.

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  9. Made for the road

    Cars are there to serve you and not the other way around. They belong on the road and not in a museum. This won’t be how it works if you buy a sedan that is worth its weight in gold or a pricey SUV – that let’s face it- you never take off-road. But with hatchbacks, it is a different tale altogether.

    Maruti Suzuki Alto
    Maruti Suzuki Alto

    Hatchback cars like the Maruti Suzuki Alto come from a starting price as low as 2.94 lakhs. Hatchbacks are not going to put a huge dent in your savings account. You can use it or abuse it. They are the perfect workhorses.

    Speeding over potholes and speed bumps
    Speeding over potholes and speed bumps would be disastrous in a sedan

    Since you don’t spend a lot on a base variant hatchback, you won’t feel awful if gets scratched while parking or while sprinting through a busy street. And you won’t have to fret a lot about potholes on the city road. You can carelessly go over a speed bump while in a hurry. These are things you can’t do with a car you gave an arm and a leg to buy. If it is a second-hand hatch then it gives you all the more reason to manhandle it without feeling bad.

    2020 Volkswagen Polo GT TSI
    2020 Volkswagen Polo GT TSI

That said, hatchbacks are the ultimate city car. In the congested city streets of the country hatchbacks are the most reasonable choice. Not to mention they are cheaper too. India’s favourite hatchback Suzuki Swift and Hyundai i10 has a starting price of around 5 lakhs. So if you are a not-so-lucky urbanite in India, hatchbacks are the way to go!

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