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5 Overpriced Top-Spec (Top-Model) Cars In India!

As cars get more and more features, the prices are going up to numbers that seem impossible for some cars. Now, there may be different reasons why a car is more expensive than it should be. For example, there may be some cars with a flagship engine, there may be cars that are brought in via as CBUs, however that doesn’t always justify the pricing. Here’s a list of 5 overpriced top-spec cars in India!

  1. Hyundai i20 (Rs.12.02 Lakhs)

    First on this list of overpriced top-spec cars is the i20. The top-of-the-line i20 N-Line costs Rs.12.02 lakhs ex-showroom. In some states, the on-road price for this thing can go up to Rs.14.95 Lakhs! That is an insane amount of money for a hatchback. To put things into perspective, for that money, you can buy a decently loaded model of the XUV300 or the Tata Nexon. Heck, you can even get the base variant of the XUV700 and sit higher up on a 200HP engine!

    Side Profile | i20 N-Line
    i20 N-Line
  2. Toyota Innova (Rs.25.68 Lakhs)

    We all know that the Innova is undoubtedly the best MPV in India. It is brilliantly comfortable, reliable, safe and has ample power. However, the pricing on this is what makes it come on this list of overpriced top-spec cars. The 2.4 ZX 7-seater along with the diesel automatic option will cost you up to Rs. 32.3 Lakhs on-road! This is probably why the base ‘G’ variant of the Innova is the best-selling one. For the price, Toyota should at least add on some basic features like a 360-degree camera, a sunroof, ventilated seats, etc.

    Toyota Innova Crysta Limited Edition
    Toyota Innova Crysta
  3. Toyota Fortuner (Rs.48.43 Lakhs)

    Another Toyota on this list of overpriced top-spec cars. The Fortuner is a proper SUV with some amazing off-road capabilities and an excellent road presence. It is one of the most sought-after SUVs in India, especially in the Northern region. It does get some decent features, but it also misses out on quite a few, like a panoramic sunroof and ADAS. The top-spec Fortuner GR-S 4×4 AT will cost you Rs.48.43 Lakhs ex-showroom. Now, if you live in a place like Bangalore, this number will turn to Rs.60 Lakhs very quickly when you drive it out of the showroom. This is probably the most overpriced SUV on this list.

    10 cars with highest waiting period
    Toyota Fortuner
  4. Jeep Meridian (Rs.36.95 Lakhs)

    Now, we were going to put the Jeep Compass on this list, but it almost seems like a VFM option when compared to the Meridian! The recently launched 7-seater, Jeep Meridian is priced quite extravagantly. The top-spec Limited (O) 4×4 AT variant of the Meridian can go up to Rs. 46 Lakhs on road! Remember that this is just a Compass with two extra (not-so-usable) seats. It gets the least powerful engine in the segment and misses out on quite a few features. Realistically, this SUV lies in the segment of the Tata Safari and the Mahindra XUV700, but Jeep has tried to push it to compete with SUVs like the MG Gloster and the Toyota Fortuner.

    Jeep Meridian Exterior
    Jeep Meridian
  5. Skoda Octavia (Rs.29.85 Lakhs)

    Last on this list of overpriced top-spec cars is the Skoda Octavia. Now, we all agree that the Octavia is one of the most luxurious cars in the segment, and is also the most powerful. However, with prices going up to Rs.37 Lakhs in some states, this sedan doesn’t make any financial sense. In fact, the Honda City Hybrid, though a segment lower, offers great seating comfort and a good hybrid engine as well. Moreover, the City also gets ADAS features like lane assist and adaptive cruise, something the Octavia misses out on.

    2021 Skoda Octavia
    2021 Skoda Octavia

Which of these cars do you think are worth the price? Let us know in the comments below!

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