While petrol’s price graph is looking like what BitCoin used to be in the last month, many people are worried about the increasing prices. We hope petrol prices also fall just like BitCoin did but we are not sure about it anyhow as of now. Therefore, it is nothing wrong in switching to CNG. We know, some factors might worry you but are they actually true? Well, let’s find out in today’s feature where we talk about CNG car myths!

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  1. Poor Acceleration

    CNG Powered Maruti Suzuki WagonR
    CNG Powered Maruti Suzuki WagonR

    The first one among CNG car myths that petrol and diesel car owners try to impose on CNG car owners or potential buyers is poor acceleration. Let me tell you that if you are buying a company fitted CNG car then you will not feel any difference in the acceleration. Talking about aftermarket kits, if you have the fitment right, you won’t have to worry about the acceleration. Don’t believe us? have a drag race between the same cars on petrol and CNG and see for yourself.

  2. Unsuitable For All Terrains

    Retrofitted CNG
    Retrofitted CNG kit

    We are not saying that you can do Spiti in a CNG car. But be sure of the fact that if you have the right CNG car and fitment, you can definitely go to any terrain and have fun. Take an instance where you have a Honda CRV with a locally assembled or manufactured kit and expect it to behave like a true SUV, it surely won’t. CNG cars are not fit for every terrain is definitely among CNG car myths. You can easily take your CNG car wherever you want and if you feel the terrain is extremely steep, you can switch to petrol anytime!

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  3. Reduced Engine Life

    Wagonr engine bay
    Wagonr engine bay

    Another most common one among CNG car myths is that these machines are short-lived. Now, if you have a WagonR, say, you can think of churning out almost 2 Lakh kilometres from it right? A CNG powered engine would give you the same output if maintained properly. Regular servicing and timely part replacements can help you extract the best!

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  4. Shorter Suspension Life

    Rebadged cars under the Toyota-Suzuki Alliance
    Maruti Suzuki Ertiga

    If you have the right thing equipped, you will never have to worry about the suspension too. It is quite obvious that your car always has the load of the cylinder so the rear suspension can wear out fast. The factory-fitted CNG cars have suspension padding and for aftermarket people, suspension padding is not a difficult thing to the source! You can get them installed and be worry-free about your suspension’s life too!

  5. CNG Cars Are Unsafe

    Tata Tiago CNG
    Tata Tiago CNG | Credits: RashRP Youtube Channel

    No, they are not. Did you know CNG has an ignition temperature of 700 degrees Celcius while petrol has only 455? Yes, if the temperature begins to rise inside the system anyhow, a petrol car will catch fire before a CNG car does! The only thing you should take care of is leakage. For this, just get your cylinder hydro tested within the specified time limit.

  6. CNG Cars Have a Shorter Range

    CNG vs Petrol
    CNG Station

    Who said CNG cars have a shorter range than petrol cars? We agree the cylinder is smaller than petrol tank but when on a road trip, you can easily switch from CNG to petrol as soon as you run out of CNG. It’s just your perception! A CNG car will always have more range than a petrol-only car because it has 2 fuel tanks! Ever thought it this way?

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  7. CNG is Not Easily Available


    Another big one among CNG car myths that people believe is that the fuel is not easily available. Agreed, in hilly areas or in small towns, it may not be available easily but talking about major metro cities where people use CNG for daily commutes, it is easily available and the government is rapidly expanding CNG filling stations across more areas in the country.

  8. CNG Cars are Not Reliable


    Just have a look at the sale number of Maruti’s CNG cars. Does this look like they are not reliable? CNG cars are extremely reliable and you can trust them for every trip you are taking them on! Just make sure your vehicle is serviced properly and timely. You will never have to worry about reliability again! You know where to go for your car servicing and repair needs!

  9. Poor Resale Value

    Buying used car from owner
    Buying a used car from the owner

    Talking about the resale value, dealers always use one or the other trick to give you less than what you actually deserve. Stating that your car is a CNG vehicle and paying less the most common trick used by them these days. Don’t fall for it ever! Instead, search for a genuine customer who actually needs a CNG car for his daily drives. The one who understands the importance of a CNG vehicle will definitely pay a fair price!

  10. Unavailability of Skilled CNG Mechanics

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    Another one among the most common CNG car myths is that you won’t get skilled mechanics near you to get your car repaired or serviced. Now that we are here, you don’t need to worry about anything else. Just sit back and relax. Book your car’s service with GoMechanic and let us handle everything else for you.

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    • Yes, Chandrakant, it is mandatory and necessary because renewing CNG certificate means testing your cylinder if it is fit enough to carry you safely. I know many fake certificates are available in the market but don’t fall for them. Ensure your safety by getting your cylinder hydrotested every 3 years.

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