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Tuesday, April 23, 2024
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24 Most Asked Questions On BS6 (Bharat Stage 6), Answered!

BS6 has been the taking point amongst the automobile enthusiasts for a long time. Now the implementation date is even closer. Everything that automotive companies have achieved will be put to the test. This surely is the turning point for the Indian automobile industry.

The amount of emission number reduced from BS4 to BS6 is huge. Even though it was difficult but the government to the steps and skipped BS5. After all, saving the environment is the first and foremost priority.

Most of the transformation in a car has gone under the hood, that is the engine. The engine has drastically reworked to suit the new emission norms. Here is a glimpse everything that went into the transformation from BS4 to BS6.

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How BS6 (Bharat Stage 6) is different from BS4 (Bharat Stage 4)?

Exhaust emissions

The major work has done in the internals of the internal combustion engine especially the exhaust system. There are some additional components that are introduced in order to break down the harmful emission components into less harmful ones.

What is a BS6 ready engine?

The two types of engines surfacing the internet are the BS6 ready and BS6 compliant. The BS6 ready are the engines that are developed and ready for production for the new BS6 generation of cars.

What are the challenges faced with the BS6 rollout In India?

As the new emission norms are just around the corner the automobile companies in India are working for more than a year. The research and development went in making the new engines are huge. Well, with those changes the companies face a lot of trouble as it was not easy changing the internals of an engine in just a little time (3 years to be precise).

Can a BS4 Car Safely Run On BS6 Fuel?

Fuel Station
Fuel Station Now Supply Bharat Stage 6 Petrol & Diesel

With the change in emission norms there are several changes in the internals of the engines, be it petrol or diesel. In order to reduce the emission from the exhaust of the vehicle the fuel too needed to undergo some updates. Diesel has a huge transformation as compared to the older BS4 diesel. Is it safe to run BS4 cars on the newly updated fuel? Will it damage the car?

Will BS6 Deadline Extension Ease The Indian Automobile Industry?

After the coronavirus outbreak, the automotive market in the entire world has gone a couple of folds down. After the application by FADA (Federation of Automotive Dealers Association) to the supreme court, they have extended the deadline to sell and clear the BS4 stocks. But that too at a condition. Well, it’ll be kind of difficult to sell the old stocks as the entire country is on lockdown. In what ways the government has helped the automobile industry?

Can BS6 Petrol Engines Replace BS6 Diesel Engines?- The BS6 Effect!

BS6 Petrol Engine VS BS6 Diesel Engine
Petrol vs Diesel

After the announcement of the BS6 emission norms, the automotive trend has inclined towards the petrol engines. Even so that many big automobile manufacturers like Volkswagen, Nissan, Renault, Maruti Suzuki are no longer producing cars with diesel engines.Though some manufacturers like Hyundai still offer cars with diesel engines. Does this mean the new BS6 petrol engine has replaced diesel engines? What made the companies pull the plug on BS6 diesel?

BS6: How New Emission Norms Affect Automakers & Buyers?

We all know that the new BS6 emission norms are cleaner than BS4 or any other emission norm for that matter. All the newly compliant vehicles that have gone through the new update have some changes or the other. For instance, in some vehicles either the efficiency has been hampered or the performance is what has changed. Of course, the price of the vehicle has also seen some updates. This is surely gonna affect the automakers and the buyers as they’ll think twice before manufacturing and the buyers before buying.

BS6: What are the Benefits of Moving to New BS6 Emission Norms?

Maruti Suzuki Eeco | BS6 Cars In India
Maruti Suzuki Eeco Now Bharat Stage 6 Compiant

Right after three years from the launch of BS4, new norms are launched. The first and probably the most important reason rolling new emission norms is saving the environment. India is running a bit late with launching and implementing new emission norms. Hence this time around the new emission norms was implemented sooner. Apart from the environment, there is more than what meets the eye.

BS6: What are the drawbacks with BS6 implementation in India?

BS6: What are the drawbacks with BS6 implementation in India?
BS6 (Bharat Stage 6): What are the drawbacks with BS6 implementation in India?

The new emission norms have come a really long way from the old BS4 emission norms. The BS6 compliant cars are more than 50% cleaner than the existing BS4 compliant cars on road. Be it diesel or petrol both have a considerable difference. Well, everything comes with some drawbacks or the other. Surely affect automobile manufacturers in India.

BS6 going live on 1st April 2020. What’s next?

The new cleanest emission norms are about to roll out. The decision of implementing the new norms was sooner than thought. BS4 emission norms were launched after nearly a decade. Whereas BS6 norms just after three years from the launch of BS4. Will the next emission norms be new Bharat Stage or will the government completely ban the internal combustion engine?

BS6 Era: Boon to economy or Bane to Performance!?!

KTM Duke 200
KTM Duke 200, now Bharat Stage 6 Compliant

New emission norms came sooner than we thought and brought many changes along. Due to several changed in the engine both diesel as well as petrol the performance and mileage figures experience some changes. In some engines, the economy is higher while in other the performance has seen some increase. It depends on the buyer, what is their priority in buying the vehicle.

Do the new BS6 vehicles require a pollution certificate from 1st April?

PUC Required
PUC Required for Bharat Stage 6 Cars

As the new BS6 emission norms have almost arrived they are a considerable upgrade from the previous BS4 norms. This due to skipping a ladder of BS5 in between. From the first emission norms that were India 2000 till BS4 each and every emission norm require a pollution certificate. Well, the new BS6 emission norms are no different they too need to be checked regularly for exhaust emission.

What is SCR and AdBlue in BS6 Diesel Engines and was it necessary?

In the new cleaner BS6 emission norms, the internal combustion engines are it petrol or diesel have seen some upgrade. Later having the most number of upgrades. This is because the diesel engine’s exhaust emission is higher than the other counterpart. To reduce those emissions SCR or Selective catalytic reduction system is installed in the exhaust of only the Diesel engines.

BS6 Emission Norms and The Engines which it Killed

Maruti Suzuki DDiS 200 | A versatile engine
Maruti Suzuki DDiS 200 | A versatile engine

Before BS6 emission norms could even roll out many of the vehicle manufacturers in India stopped the production of several engines. The most prominent engines were diesel engines from different brands. Maruti Suzuki was amongst the first to pull the plug on their multijet diesel engines. Volkswagen and Skoda followed and later came the Nissan and Renault.

Why did India skip BS5? Was BS6 implementation really necessary?

The first emission norm India 200 was implemented in the year 2000. After that followed a chain of change of emission norms in the entire country. Though after BS3 in 2010 it took almost a decade to shift to the BS4 emission norms. The government decided to launch the new BS6 emission norms instead of BS5 emission norms.

What will happen to BS4 vehicles after BS6 Rollout?

BS4 car discounts to be lowered
BS4 car discounts to be lowered

The new BS6 compliant vehicles are surely cleaner than the old BS4 vehicles they’ll not face any major problems. The BS6 emission norms have several changes especially the new BS6 fuel all the cars will be running on. Especially the new BS6 diesel have undergone a transformation as compared to the old BS4 fuel. This might somewhat affect the internals of the engine.

BS6 Vs EURO6 | What is the exact difference between the norms?

India has seen many changes in the emission norms over the years. From the first emission norms the India 2000 to the latest BV6 emission norms. All the emission norms in India are some way or the other inspired by the emission norms in Europe. As India 2000  was inspired by Euro 1 emission norms all the other regulations are taken from their respective counterparts. The Bharat Stage emission norms are not exactly the same as the Euro emission regulations.

Will BS6 fuel be expensive than BS4 fuel? as new norms come into play

The time, money and work gone into the development and research for the BS6 emission regulations are huge. The end result is greener BS6 compliant engines running on cleaner BS6 fuel. Both diesel, as well as petrol fuel, went a tremendous amount of changes. These changes are surely gonna reflect in the prices of fuel at the customer’s end.

BS4 to BS6 Conversion, Is it Possible?

To make the engines BS6 compliant not only vehicle manufacturers but also the petroleum industry had to work upon their product. The about of money, time and brain involved in developing a new BS6 engine or at least converting the old engine is tremendous. So it is really difficult for a person to change the internals of the engine without specific equipment.

Will BS4 cars be BANNED after the official BS6 rollout?

The new BS6 emission norms are more than 50%cleaner than current emission norms. After the BS6 norms rollout definitely the BS4 diesel vehicles will get affected. Even though the registration of new BS4 vehicles will stop after the 1st of April but they’ll still normally run on the Indian roads without any problem. Though BS4 cars will keep on emitting the same amount of exhaust gasses.

What will be the impact of BS6 on CNG cars?

BS6 Affect On CNG Vehicles
Bharat Stage 6 Affect On CNG Vehicles

The CNG in a vehicle either can be retrofitted or company fitted neither of the two has any harm in the engine. Considering the composition of CNG gas it majorly consists of CH4 (Methane). So after the combustion, the CNG vehicles produce fairly fewer emissions from the exhaust pipes of the car compared to petrol engines. So, BS6 petrol engines running on CNG will have no problems in running what so ever.

What is the difference between BS4 cars and BS6 cars in terms of the Economy?

Well, apart from the hype the new cars get they also have undergone a massive transformation under the hood. That was done to make those engines BS6 compliant. The changes done to do so have either a negative or positive impact on the vehicle. In some vehicles, the economy of the car has gone up on the other hand in some the economy has seen a dip.

The performance difference between BS4 cars and BS6 vehicles

TATA bs6 heavy engine lineup
TATA bs6 heavy engine lineup

Each and every change the new BS6 compliant engine has undergone is to make them compliant to the new emission norms. Those changes are massive that we can see some changes in the performance figures, be it an increase or a decrease in power. Depending upon the manufacturer some engines have seen a spike in performance whereas in some engine’s power has gone down.

BS6 Diesel Vs BS4 Diesel Engine | What is the Difference?

It is evident that the new BS6 compliant engine has undergone some changes or the other. But it is the diesel which has majorly got transformed. This was done firstly to reduce the emission footprint on the other hand to reduce those emissions the engine has to run on the new BS6 fuel. The BS6 engine has been drastically reduced in sulphur composition.

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